Yes, I Want To Learn Everything I Need To Know About Horse Training!



The DVDís:

  • Breaking to Saddle & Harness (2 x DVDs)

  • Floating Your Horse

  • Problem Horses

The Book: "Horse Breaking and Training: A Common Sense Approach" sets down in PLAIN English, everything you will ever need to know about horse training.

Just the very best horse training guide, step-by-step that you have ever seen or used Ė itís the ultimate in simplified, direct, speedy and effective horse training.


The programme covers every aspect of breaking and training to saddle and harness. Here are a few topics covered:

  • Initial starting stages with the 3 unbroken horses in his small round yard.

  • The use of the blindfold.

  • The importance and use of the war bridle.

  • The correct use of hobbles, straps and the collar rope.

  • The use of a roller, crupper & girth and the mounting bridle.

  •  John examines mouthing techniques, using pollong and back up techniques prior to

  • Saddling up, bridling, mounting and first time riding.

  • Preparing the horse for the bigger round yard.

  • Warming up and familiarity techniques.

  • Riding in the bigger round yard.

  • Left and right work.

  • Preparing the horse for work in the arena.

  • Working the horse in the arena.

  • Preparing the horse for shoeing.


One of the most common problems you'll see at any horse show or event is the horse that can't or won't use the float....most of the time it's because they've never been taught properly! In this DVD John shows you just how easy it is. If you have a horse that has a float problem, then you need this DVD!!!

John examines the construction of the float, its internal arrangements and lay-out, the gear you'll need, getting the horse on & off the float safely, dealing with problem horses who don't like floating and many more floating based problems and topics.

You'll find John's easy going, practical style the ideal way to learn. He's practical, simple to follow and you'll learn his secrets quickly and easily. You'll also see for yourself why this man deserves the huge reputation he has gained.


In Problem Horses, John shows us the types of problem that confront most horse owners and riders at some point. With the aid of real examples, he shows us The Pinnell Way of fixing these problems so that we can enjoy our horses to the full. He solves the problems of:

  • Bridling & Saddling
  • Laying Down
  • Shying
  • Bolting
  • Hard to Catch
  • Rushing
  • Baulking
  • Won't Stand
  • Kicking
  • Won't Cross Water
  • Rearing
  • Bucking
  • Biting
            ...... and much, much more

John uses horses with known problems, many of which have already been to renowned horse 'trainers' and then returned as untrainable!! There's no 'easy' option for John!



Every section in John Pinnell's book is there through public demand.

John answers questions from people who love horses and want to train them.  John has been asked just about everything over the years and he has then put his own love of horses and wealth of knowledge and experience down on paper.  He has answered your questions plus a whole lot more in this fabulous book

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