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Dusty & Cathy

I have loved horses my entire life, but was never able to have one of my own. One day while vacationing in Northern Wisconsin, USA, I saw a sign for "trail rides" and decided to investigate.  A small family owned facility just started up a trail riding business for the tourists in the area. They had about 8 horses.  The rides were very personal and set to
the riders abilities. It was very fun.  I got to know the family and started taking a few lessons.

After a year, I confessed my wish of one day owning my own horse to them. As a family, they participated in roping competitions, horse training and buying & selling in the area. One late August day, they brought home a beautiful sorrel quarter horse gelding to try out for their trail riding string.  I rode him a few times and he was a perfect gentleman.  The owner said this was the horse for me and after a few more rides and consulting with my husband, I was the proud new owner of a 3 year old gelding.  With lots of help from this family, I learned a lot about training and horse care.  After about a year and a half, I brought Dusty back to my home (about 4 hrs away). I
found a great stable with a huge support system and now after 3 years we are a team.  

We have taken many lessons together and are learning together.  He is such the gentle, calm one and is so forgiving of his owners "greenness".  We love to go on trail rides as much as possible. He is the love of my life and can't believe he is mine.





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Cathy Mueller R.N. B.S.N.
Employee Health/Aurora Advanced Healthcare

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