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From the desk of :       Roger Bourdon

I purchased and read “Introduction to Horseback Riding” and I was greatly impressed. I also thought that the bonus book “How to Stay Safe Horseback Riding” was very good too. I am going to join your affiliate programme  and with your permission I would like to provide a copy of the Riding Safely booklet to my Australian mailing list too.

Geoffrey Roberts                          

Author of the amazing new
"Introduction to Horseback Riding"


Dear Friend and 'Would Be' Horse rider! 

This exciting and new discovery helps you get the most out of your riding lessons even before you start! If you really want to learn to horseback ride then this letter could be the most important one you ever read!


  • Wouldn’t it be great to get on a horse for the first time without falling off the other side?
  • Imagine what it would feel like to be riding along out in the lovely fresh air without a care in the world?
  • In fact, exactly how are you going to get up there at all if the horse doesn’t stand stock still?

 Fear of failure, or making yourself look a complete idiot stops many people from learning to ride at all. Shame really, when all they needed was a bit of preparation before-hand to give them the courage to get up on the horse. If only they had known some of what was going to be needed to stay aboard, and be able to take control of the situation, would that have made a difference?

You bet it would!

     Whether you are 5 or 50 and contemplating the grand new experience of horseback riding, don’t let a little thing like lack of confidence, and good old fashioned fear put you off.

     A little fear is a good thing. It stimulates the adrenalin that makes you perform better and makes you more in tune with your objective. They say that if you are going to do some public speaking and you are not at least a little nervous beforehand then you won’t give it your best. Adrenalin is a great stimulant to great things. But what you do need is the confidence to master your fear and to do it anyway. Susan Jeffers book ‘Feel the Fear and do it anyway’ is a bestseller; she shows very clearly what can be achieved if you go for it, and what joys overcoming your fears can bring.

BUT what you need here is a way to feel in control of the fear and the excitement and expectation, and I’ve got just the thing!

So, What’s Different About My Approach To Riding?

     Well, simply this.  I absolutely know the value of riding lessons, and I would never suggest that you don’t need them at all. BUT my approach is that, in order to make the most of those lessons and greatly reduce the number you may need, you MUST do some preparation beforehand:

  • After all, how many exams have you passed without reading and studying for them?
  • Did you pass your driving test without reading and learning the rules of the road?
  • Did you learn to read without ever picking up a book?

     Now, if you are only 5 years old then you know no fear! That’s left to the newbie adult riders and to your Mum and Dad as they watch you in the saddle for the first time! (especially if they are not riders themselves – bet that rings a few bells doesn’t it…)

So, what would make:

  • The first time adult rider
  • The first time younger rider
  • The anxious parents
  • The horseback riding instructor
  • And, your checking account

All feel better at the same time?

Its simple – it’s that word again – Preparation. 

But WHY?

v  First the new adult rider – if you knew how a horse moved, what to look out for, the technicalities of mounting and the basics of getting a horse to obey you, wouldn’t you feel better? Knowing something about the way a horse thinks and how he might react to you is going to give you confidence – isn’t it? 

v  The first time younger rider – the same applies doesn’t it? Young or older we all need some confidence to do new things and some understanding of what’s required.  And again if you get in the saddle for the first time knowing a lot of the basics, then the instructors advice will not only sink in better but you will remember it more.  You will be less terrified and be able to concentrate more on what you are doing because the instructor’s words will not be totally new to you.

Makes Sense Doesn’t It?

v       So, what about the anxious parents? Well you don’t want to spoil your child’s fun but you do need to make sure they are safe.  So how are you going to do that if you don’t know much about riding yourself? You too need to do some preparation.  What you need is a guide that will inform you about the requirements of horse riding, how to approach and understand a horse and particularly how to make sure that your child has a safe experience the first time and every time they get on a horse.  If you know nothing about it yourself how are you going to check the safety arrangement at the stables you go too, and make sure that the safety equipment and clothing the rider need are all in place?  And these will be only a few of your concerns.

v       That brings us to the horseback riding Instructor.  I have friends who are instructors and they say that most people new in the saddle are trying so hard to calm their fears that they are definitely not listening to a word the Instructor says.  Therefore they say that newbie riders really should do some preparation before they come for their lessons , if they are to make the most of the lesson and therefore the bucks that they spend on them. 

v  Finally that leaves your checking account! Well, quite frankly your account is going to be hit hard by how much all the riding  lessons are going to cost you.  So if some good preparation will mean you need fewer lessons then the cost goes down and you don’t get overdrawn! Your account stays in the black – so that’s another result isn’t it?

So What’s The Conclusion?

     The conclusion is simple – buy yourself this great new Book – prepare yourself properly for the best new experience you’ve had in years – save loads of bucks – keep safe – and enjoy it all a whole lot more! Then you may well win that rosette. How’s that for a summary!

     Now Lets Look At Some Of The Reasons Why You Really Should Start Horseback Riding Today!

Just consider the following:

  • Do you want a hobby or exercise plan that gets you fitter and will help you shed stress as well as pounds?

  • Do you want a fun activity that will put the joy and passion back into your life?
  • Have you ever wanted to try horseback riding in order to see more of which Mother Nature has given us all for free or in order to have fun with a sport such as polo?

  • Have you ever wanted to go on a trail ride?
Introduction To Horseback Riding Image

Gets You Fitter. We’d all like that wouldn’t we, but would it surprise you to know that riding a horse at a walk stimulates the internal organs just as walking on foot does. This aids in liver function and digestion, and makes riding a great therapy option for those in wheelchairs. You will also be burning calories. According to the “Body For Life for Women”, by Dr. Pamela Peeke, General Horseback Riding accounts for 5 calories per minute for a 150 pound woman. Increase the speed and distance you ride and you’ll increase the intensity of your work out.

     And Guys, this doesn’t only work for women! Even if you don’t need to lose weight this wonderful form of exercise will benefit you too.  Lets face it you could hardly call this lovely pastime, exercise at all, could you. Its pure pleasure! It sure beats a sweaty workout in the gym for me.

     Puts the fun and passion back in your life.  You betya! Horseback riding is so relaxing.  We live in the most wondrous and diverse country on earth, and where better to explore it from than on horseback. Gives you space to breath in God’s great fresh air and scenery, and that’s all for free folks! Where else can you get that? You find a different pace of life out riding – completely free from the stresses of everyday life. It gives you time and space to get your life and priorities back in perspective, and what a great way to spend time with your loved ones. You will never see your kids having so much pure clean fun as they do out on horseback. AND don’t forget – it will get them completely away from any undesirable influences they may be exposed to whilst playing around the neighborhood!

      Puts you back in touch with the wonders of Mother Nature. That same glorious scenery will keep you entertained for hours as it reveals it’s mysteries to you.  It’s like a whole new learning experience for you and the family and will really help the kids with their nature studies at school.

     Sports are on the menu again! Your new found skill on horseback may lead you into sports you never dreamed of before – like polo, horse racing, equestrian eventing, rodeo even.  You could be whooping and howling like a cowboy on the range!

     Opens up new vacation options. What about trail riding? Ever tried it? You just don’t know what you are missing! If horseback riding is a great way to explore our own great land, then imagine what it’s like to horseback ride abroad? What a fantastic way to sample the delights of a foreign land.  And the best part is that it will give you access to places abroad that most tourists will never see.  You are in for a world of fascinating and unique new experiences.

I plan to move to Spain next year, and one of the things I want to do is buy some horses, for my children and myself. Riding looks so easy in the movies, but I know that isn’t the case. So I was looking for an easy to follow guide, covering everything from saddling a horse to caring for a horse and what to look for when buying a horse. These and more were exactly what I found in the book "Introduction to Horseback Riding". This book is packed full of useful information and tips, I particularly like the section on ‘thinking like a horse’. If you are thinking about horse riding and need a good introduction, then you should check it out at

Jen Scott                                                                            

     Now, have I whetted your appetite for a whole new way of life?

     If your answer is YES then we have a new Book that could dramatically change your life - starting today!

How Can One Book Change Your Life?

     Great question! When many people think of learning to horseback ride, they think of some
time-consuming trips to a riding academy, and long lessons. Perhaps you have already taken some expensive lessons yourself, and were discouraged by how long it took to learn even the basics. Today, there is a
better way to learn to horseback ride!

     In one inexpensive Book you will learn more about horseback riding than you ever dreamed possible - through sensible, simple tips that are designed to get you on a horse and riding as quickly and as well as possible!

NOW – I am not going to go into all the reasons why this great new Book is exactly right for you, because you can read all that (and it really does answer absolutely every questions you could ever think about when it comes to learning to Horseback Ride) over at

No, what I want to do here is simply to tell you that I have been deluged with requests to provide the book in
HARD COPY.  I thought you would all want to print it out for yourselves but it seems that some of you prefer to have a hard back version, so here it is!



Overall Rating out of 5

This cool book prepares you to ride a horse, safely and in style - before you ever approach a horse!  Gain the knowledge necessary to feel safe & confident the first time you sit in the saddle, and really make the most of your investment in riding lessons.


     Learning to ride well involves learning to simultaneously relax and control your own body while sitting on top of a constantly moving horse in order to communicate with the horse through clearly given body signals or aids, all the time reading and responding to the horse's feedback. A tall order!


I purchased and read your e-book “Introduction to Horseback Riding” and I was impressed. I also thought that the bonus book “How to Stay Safe Horseback Riding” was very good too. I run a small horse grooming products company in Australia and there's also a parent company in the UK at  I am going to join your affiliate programme  and with your permission I would like to provide a copy of the Riding Safely booklet to my Australian mailing list too.

Geoffrey Roberts                                                                       

What You Really Need To Know To Feel Safe And Confident The First Time You Sit In The Saddle……

If you are just starting out with horseback riding, you want to focus on the information you need to get you in the saddle and to keep you there safely as you ride. And let's face it, when we are learning something new it is so difficult to take in all the information we are given verbally. If you have it written down, and can read it through several times before you get to the first lesson, how much better would that make you feel? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take in the information because it is familiar to you – so that you can concentrate on staying in the saddle rather than the information that’s being thrust at you so quickly. So many instructions all at once can send you into information overload, and then you can't remember a word of it and feel silly – does this make you feel like a failure before you even start? I know it does with me.

     After all, how many of you passed an exam or learnt to drive without reading the manuals first? I certainly need to study hard for them. So surely you need to prepare for your horseback riding lessons in the same way to make your new hobby a really enjoyable success right from the start!

But help is at hand!

     Introduction to Horseback Riding’ is one of the first books about learning to ride that acknowledges its true purpose: You cannot learn to ride by means of a book alone and this author knows that. If you go to the website you can see that the purpose of the book is to prepare a new rider to get the best value for money out of their riding lessons (and hopefully reducing the number they need) by providing a wealth of really useful, simple to understand, basic information anyone new to riding or horses needs.

     This book provides the background knowledge that will enable you to understand the way that a horse sees the world and to feel confident in the saddle from your first lesson. The idea is that not only will you enjoy it but you are also able to take in the enormous amount of new information you’ll be given by the instructor, because you will have read a lot of it beforehand in the book, and you will therefore just be setting it in the context of the animal itself.

     So, if you are clever enough to ask your instructor to tell you what they plan to cover for each lesson, you can use the book to read up on it beforehand. This kind of preparation is going to see you progress with your lessons faster and much more safely, to get you out on your own in your new hobby in the fastest possible time.

But Don’t Take My Word For It See What Others Say…..

Your information has been of great help to me.  I have recently taken Tina, an ex-racehorse/broodmare.  I used to work on a farm when I was younger, mostly draft horses, but it gets you, (that horse bug I mean).  Anyway I am now 53 years young  and have started getting Tina ready to be re-saddled and ridden again as she has not had a rider on her back for 4 years now.  She is 15 years young – a couple of youngsters together eh!! 

I have not ridden a horse in ...oh 25 years.  I have been using a lot of your tip's and hint's they are helping me a lot to re-educate her  It will take a lot of time patience and T.L.C. I will keep you informed of how things go.

Many Thanks

Andy Morrison                                                           

Reading An “Introduction to Horse Riding” has given me great motivation to get back into horse riding as I have not done it for many years and remembered how much I loved it.  The book not only reveals the basic skills and techniques that you need to horse ride, but also describes the enjoyment, fun and feeling of freedom that you get from riding a horse and flying across the countryside.   

So thanks Roger, for writing this book, I have really enjoyed reading it and would like to recommend anyone who is interested in learning how to Horse Ride to buy “Introduction to Horse Riding”!!   

Rick Philips                                             

How Much Is This Information Worth To You?

     Horseback riding lessons can easily add up to hundreds of dollars before you learn the useful information you really need to get riding. Now, in this one affordable book you get all the facts you need to get on a horse and start riding worry-free - all for one low price.

For a fraction of the price of a lesson, you will get instant access to all the facts you need to start horseback riding well. Don't try to fit horseback riding lessons into a packed schedule and on a small budget - read this book first to get the basics and find out whether horseback riding is for you. Then, you can always choose a few lessons if you wish - you will already have saved a small fortune by learning the basics on your own time and for one small price.


I first just want to say "thank you" for featuring my appy "Chief" and me on your screen saver.  It is so neat to see him there, and know that other people get to see the love of my life also.

I love your web site and weekly e-mails.  I have learned so much helpful tips and information. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into it.

We own 4 horses, 3 of which were rescue horses (including Chief).  There is so much more work on these types of horses.  They have such huge trust issues, and are so malnourished.  I would love to see some future issues on the love and hard work that is required for these horses.  I think a lot of horse lovers would help in rescuing these horses if they new that there was help and advice for them out there.  I pretty much winged it, with the help of my wonderful vet of course.

Again, thanks for your work to help all of us!  I look forward to every issue of your news letters.


Tanya Gibson Melber, KY                                                    

Order your own hardback copy today!

 "Introduction to Horseback Riding" in Hardback AND
All Bonuses For Just

       (includes Postage & Packing)


Pay just $67 and collect your bonuses worth $150.

That's a total value of $217 for just $67!


If you went to  You'd have seen that I offer a great shed load of invaluable bonuses to go with 'Introduction To Horseback Riding' to say a big 'Thank You' for purchasing.  Now if you buy this Hardback version of the book, you will still get the Free bonuses, but I am sorry but I simply can't get them all printed because it would cost far too much and I'd have to charge you for themSo, as, I prefer to give my bonuses away absolutely FREE, if you want them you'll just have to download them yourself – the choice is yours!

          So here's a little reminder of what they are:

Seven Bonus Gifts Valued At $150!

Bonus #1 : Looking After Your Horse


Learn the real secrets of a very experienced Vet’s practical and common sense approach to keeping a horse in the best of health. In many years of practice there is nothing that this man hasn’t come across, so you get all of his wisdom delivered in straight forward words, plus the remedies to make for yourself, if you choose. This invaluable book will save you $’000s on unnecessary vet bills as well as keeping your horses in fantastic health.

 A $35.97 Value!


Bonus #2 : How To Train and Tame Wild Horses

The horse has been a faithful servant of man for over 4,000 years, but taming and training them has never been easy.

Discover the ways in which these beautiful animals can be tamed, kindly and effectively into the best saddle or harness mounts for anyone to ride.

 A $27.97 Value!



Bonus #3 : Black Beauty

Anna' Sewell's timeless classic; Black Beauty is an autobiography of a horse.

For many years this beautiful story has delighted millions of readers.  All who read it will find that with the passage of time it has lost nothing of its original charm

 A $11.97 Value!




Bonus #4 : Grooming Guide

A 4-part guide written by a professional show horse competitor that covers the basics of the horse grooming process.

The fact is that most of us horse lovers don't groom our horses properly. In the wild, horses groom each other and that's the basis for their relationships with each other. If you don't take the trouble to groom your horse properly, then you can't expect to forge the bonds you  want between you and your horse

 A $17.97 Value!


Bonus #5 : Horse Medical Records

A quick and easy way to keep track of all your horse's important medical and treatment records.

A set of simple to use forms which let's you keeps track of your worming or vaccination requirements and dates, together with any medication and treatment he may have had.  A great way to keep all his medical information in one place, ready at hand whenever it is needed

 A $14.97 Value!



Bonus #6 : Horse Health


‘Your Horse’s Health The Essential Guide’ will help you identify the most common horse ailments from arthritis to worms, and help you understand how to deal with them.

Even better it will show you how to carry out the routine checks that may prevent illness occurring, and how to recognise the common signs of illness.  It covers vaccinations too and when  you’ll need them. It makes it simple to take care of your horse and to avoid calling in the Vet when you can deal with the problem yourself

 A $29.97 Value!


Bonus #7 : Healthy Hooves


By showing you the daily checks, before and after riding, you should make to your horse’s hooves you will be able to keep him in tip top health. It explains the importance of good nutrition and how to deal with the most common hoof problems. This invaluable guide will help you keep his hooves healthy and ready for a ride whenever you need him

 A $11.97 Value!



Now, I can't say fairer than that can I? And don’t forget you also have the peace of mind of knowing that you have my 100% Money Back Guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Now Just To Remind You, You Can Be Reading This Brilliant Hardback Book In Just A Few Days Time, But You Could Be Reading All The Digitally Delivered Bonuses In Just 90 Seconds From Now!


Click on the "Order Now" button below to get it  the whole package including all SEVEN bonuses at only $67 (includes p&p)

     Once your payment is approved you will be taken to a download page where you will be able to instantly access your digitally delivered Bonus Books. It does not matter what time of day or night it is - you can start reading and learning all about horseback riding this very instant!


Roger Bourdon

P.S. Are you still hesitating? Quick, do this - consider what it would be like to be riding through a trail, the breeze in your hair. Imagine seeing waterfalls and wild animals around you as your horse gently takes you through nature. Is this an opportunity you should give up? Especially knowing that there is a complete guarantee to get your money back if you are unsatisfied with the book for any reason?

P.P.S. This hardback book has absolutely everything you need to know to make your experience in the saddle fantastic right from the word go.  It covers, what to wear, how to sit, all the safety considerations, how to control and direct the horse and loads more – this truly is a one-stop information source to get you up in the saddle safely and having fun right from the word go!

P.P.P.P.S Gain the knowledge necessary to feel safe and confident the first time you sit in the saddle, which means really making the most of your investment in riding lessons

P.P.P.P.P.S And don’t forget the exercise value of riding – where else can you have such a great time and still burn at least 5 calories per minute? Increase the speed and distance you ride and you’ll increase the intensity of your work out – and not a sweaty gym in sight!

P.P.P.P.P.P.S I cannot believe that you are still hesitating? If you really want to ride there is no better way to start out than with this great Book to prepare the way for you – this will save you so much money in riding lessons that you won’t believe it! Get it now

P.P.P.P.P.P.S Did you know that you can also get my fabulous book as an ebook as well? If you simply can’t wait to get started and don’t need a hardback paper version you can get it here

The great thing with an ebook is NO postage and shipping costs, IMMEDIATE download, and with ALL the great bonuses available – you could be reading this one within minutes of your order!

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S Does your horse have some really bad manners? Do you know how to train bad habits out of him? Would you like to know how a REAL MASTER Horseman does it – simply, safely, gently and 3 times faster than you ever thought possible? Well wait no more – you’ll find every thing you ever wanted to know about horse training right here

Including very detailed advice on how to deal with real problem horses that seem un-trainable.  The fantastic, insightful and invaluable training advice that comes from years and years of hands-on experience can be yours today – and it’s so good that even an Olympic Eventing Champion uses it, so it’s sure to improve YOUR horsemanship skills!




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