A Loving, Caring and Responsible Horse Owner Wants To Be Able To Recognise The Signs Of Ill Health

"Is Your Horse fighting fit?
Are You Sure?
Just how much do You know about horse ailments and injuries? Would You know what to do if he had Colic? – would You recognise that he had Mud Fever?"

If you can’t answer ‘Yes’ to all of these, are you confident that you will know when your beloved horse is not well? You love him and he loves You - he trusts you unreservedly and because of that he puts his faith and his health in your hands – YOU owe it to him to do your best to look after him, and that means being able to read the signs of ill health BEFORE it becomes a real problem.

Roger Bourdon
Thursday 09.15am

Dear Friend & Horse Lover

     One of the most crucial parts of being a responsible and loving horse owner is to learn about the everyday ailments and how to deal with them; to be able to give him regular routine checkups to make sure that he’s on top form. This great new book provides a straight forward, easy to use and understand, reference guide telling you what to do when he’s not his normal self so that you can always do your best for him.  This book is a jargon-free zone, suitable for the novice horse owner and experienced professional alike.

   " Thank you, Roger, I have already purchased the ebook.  

    I have had a horse die of colic and one of my horses (I have three altogether:  two mustangs and a paint) has had colic twice and lived - which is rare - so I'm always watchful of anything out of the ordinary.  Your book has more details about colic and other potential health problems to watch for.  When I brush the horses, I take my time with each of them and run my hands across their bodies to look for anything that might look like a problem.  I keep the book in the tack room so that if I see something I can look it up right then and there to see if a call to the vet is warranted.  Thank you for writing it. Now, if we only had something like that for my dogs . . . . . "

  -  Michelle Shinault


We all enjoy the thrill of horseback riding but to do that needs one vital component - a healthy horse!

‘Your Horse’s Health The Essential Guide’ will help you identify  everyday horse ailments from arthritis to worms, and help you understand how to deal with them. Even better it will show you how to carry out the routine checks that may prevent illness occurring, and how to recognise the common signs of illness.  It covers vaccinations too and when  you’ll need them.

All of the everyday problems that are likely to crop up during your horse's life are clearly and simply explained and illustrated where possible...

Even if You Have Owned Horses For Years And Think You’ve Seen It All When It Comes To Horse Illnesses, There Are Many Essential And Important Things That This eBook Can Teach You!

  • What to look for on your daily checks
  • Your horse's vital signs
  • What vaccinations are needed and when
  • The low-down on 21 of the most common ailments, and how to spot them
  • Learn what causes each ailment
  • Know how to recognise the first signs of a health problem
  • Find out what steps to take when your horse has a problem
  • Know when to call in the vet
  • Most importantly, understand how to prevent the ailment occurring

'Your Horse's Health' covers the essentials of how to maintain your horse in the very best of health

How Much Is This Information Worth To You? And More Importantly – What’s It Worth To Him?

    How can a price be put on the health of your horse, particularly if you can identify an illness quickly enough to prevent unnecessary suffering. Horseback riding is an exhilarating experience, but you need your horse to be fit and well to be able to take to the trail.  Put your mind at rest with this simple and easy to use new guide.  He can’t tell you how he’s feeling so learn how to find out for yourself!

Why Is This The Best Guide To Buy?

 Quite simply because:  

·       It covers everyday ailments – which means that it’s the handy reference guide to have by your side at all times

·        It’s illustrated to show you what you are looking for – so no need for guess work

·        It’s detailed enough to help but doesn’t overload you with information you don’t need to know – so its easily digestible

·        It’s simple and straight forward – which means no need to de-code the jargon – there isn’t any!

·        All the ailments are in alphabetical order so you won’t need a dictionary to find your way around it and you don't have to be a professor of veterinary science to use it!

·        It shows you how to treat the ailments when its safe for the you and the horse to do so – which means a sensible approach to your horse's health and no unnecessary Vets' bills

·        It shows you how to do routine health checks that will keep him in tip top shape – which again means fewer visits from the Vet

·        It’s a hands-on guide for real horse owners who care about their horses and want to keep them in the best health possible – not a glossy reference guide that’s meant to gather dust on a shelf

Download your own copy today! for just $34.97

       Best of all, you'll receive it minutes after you order! This is an eBook, not a bound book that would take weeks to arrive. Right after you order, you'll be able to download your copy and read it on your computer screen immediately. No shipping charges, no waiting, no "lost in the mail" delays!

   It is specially designed for real everyday people, with information you can read, understand, remember and even print if you want!

Here is An Offer No Bookshop Can Match

    If you buy a book from a bookshop and are unable to make use of the information it contains will they refund your money? If you decide the book is not for you will you promptly be refunded your money? Of course not!

That's not the case with this eBook!

   I am so certain this eBook will provide you with the essential information you need to recognize, deal with and prevent, everyday ailments, that it comes with a 100% no-questions-asked, iron clad guarantee.


    Here is the deal: Buy the ebook, read it for 60 days in your own time and at your own pace. Read it after work, during weekends, in the afternoons. Use the information as needed.

    If the ebook does not do what I have outlined here - if it does not teach you in simple easy-to-understand terms how to deal with the most common ailments; if it does not teach you to be able to recognise the signs of illness; if it does not give you the ways to prevent these ailments......your money will be refunded fully. 

    You have nothing to lose with this method - you will not lose time,  you will not lose your money. And you can easily gain the joy of knowing your horse is loved, cared for and that you will know what to do immediately in the event of a problem. So order your copy today for just $34.97

Click Here To Order

    It does not matter what time of day or night it is - you can start reading and learning all about your horse's health this very instant!


Roger Bourdon

P.S. Are you still hesitating? Just ask yourself, what’s your horse’s health worth? I bet it’s just priceless. I bet you don't want him or her to suffer any unnecessary pain or discomfort. This is a small price to pay to keep your best Pal fit, well and happy, so what are you waiting for?  Especially knowing that there is a cast-iron guarantee to get your money back if you are unsatisfied for any reason?

P.P.S  Find out the top 20 most common ailments, understand what they mean to your horse and be able to recognize them instantly with this easy to read guide. Banish huge and unnecessary vet bills by understanding when you really need to call them.

P.P.P.S.  Give yourself real peace of mind and put yourself in control of his health - get the book now by clicking here


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